Resources for Red Hawk Teachers & Staff

Red Hawk Elementary PTO exists to support the financial & volunteer needs of Red Hawk Elementary. If there’s something the PTO can do to support you as a staff member, contact us at



The PTO provides funds for most staff members that can be used to purchase extra supplies, pay for training, or for other reasons approved by the PTO membership. If you have questions about your fund, contact the PTO Treasurer at

If you have a PTO fund and would like to be reimbursed for an expense, complete the Teacher Reimbursement Request, attach your receipt, and submit it to the PTO via the Treasurer mailbox in the Red Hawk mail room. If funds are available, the PTO will provide a check to reimburse you as soon as possible. If you require a PTO check in advance of a purchase, please contact the PTO Treasurer at to make arrangements.



If you need volunteers, we’d love to help you find them! Either email us at or complete & submit the following form.


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We'll advertise your volunteer need through email, Facebook, and/or the PTO website, and will communicate with you via email or face-to-face about how we're doing. If you have any questions about this request, email us at