Free Money!

There are lots of ways to earn money for Red Hawk without spending any extra! There’s no limit to how much we can raise by shopping, collecting, and eating out. Very little effort can equal a very big impact! Sign up and start earning money for your purchase, and remind grandparents that they can sign up, too! Questions? Contact Meghin Gani our Free Money Liaison!

Box Tops for Education

  • Red Hawk receives $0.10 per box top! Just clip from the specially marked products and bring them into school.
  • Our first Box Top Contest will run from Sept. 24 – Oct. 5th, 2018. During this time period please have your child bring their box tops in a plastic bag or envelope with their teachers name and grade. This will help their classroom win the box top contest.
  • Guidelines for clipping – expired box tops are worth $0.00 – so please check expiration date. Box tops that are missing any part of the 3-4 digit code or are missing the expiration date are worth $0.00. So please cut out the box top out carefully!
  • You can also create an account at to get bonus box top opportunities, coupons, special offers and check our status as a school on how we are doing in our collection.
  • During the 2017-2018 school year we earned $1,744 from our clippings – let’s beat that total this year.

Milk Caps for Moola

  • Red Hawk receives $0.05 per milk cap from Longmont Dairy. Please save your caps, rinse them off and bring them into school so they can be redeemed. There is a collection box at the front of the school that the kids can put the caps in.
  • Eligible caps include: Milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, half & half, whipping cream, orange juice, lemonade, raspberry lemonade, classic and cinnamon eggnog.
  • During the 2017-2018 school year we earned $419 from our milk caps

Amazon Smile

  • Anytime you shop at Amazon, log on through and Red Hawk Elementary PTO (Erie, CO) as your charity of choice.
  • Red Hawk will receive 0.5% back on all eligible purchases
  • This is a great way for your family/friends across the country to help Red Hawk out – get them involved!
  • During the 2017-2018 school year we earned $346 from our Amazon shopping

King Sooper and Safeway Grocery Cards

  • Request King Sooper or Safeway Grocery card from the PTO. Please email to obtain your gift card. Only cards issued through the PTO are eligible.
  • Red Hawk receives 5% back on every purchase used by the card for groceries or gas.
  • Reload your card at customer services before you checkout. You can continue to reload this for each purchase.
  • Please note that the card will only expire if the card carries a $0 balance for 90 days. If this happens please email to obtain a new card.
  • Great news! You can now load your Kings Soopers gift card at the ClickList parking spot and use it for your ClickList purchase! Just let them know when you call for your order you want to use your gift card.

During the 2017-2018 school year we earned $3,835 from our grocery gift cards.

Solar City

  • Please let Jason Humphrey of Solar City and the SunRaising Program that Red Hawk Elementary referred you. They will give Red Hawk a referral bonus and SolarCity will pay for your first month of solar energy.

Restaurant Nights

Come eat at the following restaurants on these nights and a percent of the total will be given back to Red Hawk Elementary.

  • Sept. 11, 2018 4pm- 11pm, Community Restaurant (Lafayette) – 10% of all sales go back to Red Hawk. This is for all the sales not just the Red Hawk Community so tell family and friends.
  • Oct. 11, 2018 4pm- 11pm, Acreage (Lafayette) – 15% of all sales go back to Red Hawk.
  • Oct. 11, 2018 4pm- 11pm, Acreage (Lafayette) – 15% of all sales go back to Red Hawk.


  • This is a great way to clean out your closets. Schoola accepts gently used or new name-brand kids and women’s clothing/accessories that originally was priced at over $30.
  • Go to the Schoola and request a shipping bag and pre-paid label. You then fill the bag with clothes that meet the requirements and Schoola sells the clothes.
  • For every $5 spent, Red Hawk earn $2.
  • To shop Schoola – visit the website:
  • During the 2017-2018 school year we earned $198 from Schoola.

Pilgrimage Run

  • This years Pilgrimage Run will take place Nov. 22, 2018 in Erie – registration is currently open. Flyers will go home as the event gets closer for Red Hawk Registration.
  • Red Hawk will receive a portion of the registration