Frequently Asked Questions

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Parking, Drop-off/Pick-up, & Hug-and-Go

There aren’t many parking spots at the school, and they’re always full? Where can I park?

The school has lots of bike racks, but not many parking spaces. If walking, biking, or busing are options you should consider them. Plus, walking or biking will fit right in with the school’s philosophy of wellness and movement!

If you need to park, consider the dirt shoulder just north of the school’s entrance, the park just east of the school, and the shoulders along Jasper & Meller. The back parking lot is for staff & buses only, so please don’t use it for parking or drop-off during school hours.

How do drop-off and pick-up work for Kindergarten students?

Kindergarten pickup and drop off are separate from other grades. If you’re walking, biking, or parking a car, you’ll meet your Kindergarten student’s teacher at the fenced playground area behind the school for drop off and pick up. If you’re dropping a Kindergarten student at Hug & Go, a staff member will meet them outside the Kindergarten wing.  If you’re picking a student up at Hug-and-Go, it’ll work in reverse–a staff member will help get your student to your car. See the Hug-and-Go map for a visual of all of these pick-up and drop-off locations.

The school parking lot is CRAZY! How is Hug-and-Go supposed to work?

Hug-and-Go is kind of crazy, but if everyone follows the guidelines it moves pretty quickly. Hug-and-Go is the right lane in the east parking lot, and is exclusively for student drop-off & pick-up. You’re not allowed to park and leave your car here for any amount of time (if you need to walk your student into or up to the school, please park in the lot or an overflow area!). Here’s a quick refresher on the rules, taken from the Red Hawk Family Handbook. Take a quick peek at the map at the bottom of this answer and it will all make sense. Let’s all slow down and relax, and our mornings will be a lot less stressful.

Handbook Rules

Students may be dropped off at 8:45 in the morning. Please do not drop students off before this time, as no teachers will be on duty. The Hug-and-Go lane is the exclusive student drop-off/pick-up zone. When entering the East parking lot for Hug-and-Go, please enter the single lane along the curb [marked in yellow & green on the map]. Double lane drop-off is prohibited to ensure student safety. Parking is not permitted in the Hug-n-Go lane, as this is our fire lane. Violators may be towed. [Please don’t unload your kids in the yellow zone, as this slows things down for everyone–wait until you’re in the green area (near the main school entrance) to open any doors!] While waiting to enter the East parking lot, please do not block the street. Blocking Telleen prevents buses from entering and exiting the West parking lot. After drop-off, drivers should exit the East parking lot cautiously. Should you wish to come into the building, park in the East parking lot designated for parents and visitors. Additional parking can be found along the dirt area to the north and next to the public park to our east. Please be considerate of our neighbors by not blocking driveways. As parking is always tight, we encourage people to walk or bike to school as much as possible. Bus Load and Drop-off Zone is located in the West parking lot [marked with a red X on the map]. Please do not park or drop off students in this area.

Red Hawk Hug-and-Go Map

PTO, Budget, Fundraising, & Volunteering

What does the PTO do?

The PTO’s main goal is to provide support to the teachers and students to enable a healthy and positive learning environment. This support comes in the form of money & volunteers. Here are a few things that the PTO helps fund (broken down into a bar chart to the right or below):

  • Classroom supplies
  • Laptop battery replacement, cow eye dissection, front office supplies, and Odyssey of the Mind team registration
  • Field trip transportation
  • Scholarships for Calwood 5th grade trip
  • Red Hawk Community nights such as the Spring Fling, movie nights, & science night
  • Cards for teachers on their birthdays
  • Support for school concerts
  • Scholarship for the teacher Encore award

We also provide volunteer support for the school and for PTO events. To sign up as a volunteer, visit the RHEPTO Volunteer Sign Up page. If you’re already signed up, visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to see a list of current needs. Tracking volunteer hours is surprisingly important for grants and such, and we’ve made it easy with our Log Your Volunteer Hours page. Logging volunteer hours makes you eligible to be chosen as the Volunteer of the Week, too, which comes with a reserved parking space!

PTO Budget Breakdown

(numbers are based on 2015-16 budget approved on 8/24/15)

  • Miscellaneous School Expenses 42% 42%
  • Teacher Funds for classroom expenses 29% 29%
  • Field Trip Transportation 10% 10%
  • Staff Appreciation & Enrichment 7% 7%
  • Free Family Events 7% 7%
  • Business Expenses (insurance, etc.) 6% 6%

Why does the PTO have to raise money?

Colorado schools have much less money to spend per student than most other states (we rank 43rd, which is pathetic). Money from PTO fundraisers and donations pays for lots of stuff at the school, including classroom supplies. There’s a breakdown just above—check it out! If we could raise even more money, we’d pay for additional classroom instruction. For example, Black Rock & Niwot raise enough to pay for several additional para-educators each.

How much money per student does the PTO hope to raise this year?

If the PTO raises about $75 per student, we can pay for all of things that have become “standard” at Red Hawk (see the bar chart above). If we raise twice that, we can pay for 2 more para-educators to help teachers with classroom instruction.

What can I help with, and how do I sign up?

There are so many ways to help at Red Hawk, whether you only have an hour or want to help daily or weekly! Volunteers help with everything from vision & hearing screenings to baking treats for sale at the Fall Festival. We advertise volunteer needs on Facebook, in the school’s weekly updates, and on the PTO website, so be sure to check for new signups often! We use Volunteer Spot for most things, and you won’t even have to create an account to sign up. If you add your name to our volunteer list, we’ll keep you up to date via email. Does your family run a business? Contact about advertising opportunities!

I have a great idea for the PTO. Will you listen?

Yes! If you have a great idea, pitch it to us. We are always looking for fresh ideas and new ways of doing things. Have you lived in another place with a successful event? Do you have a talent or hobby that might fit right in with our goals? Come to a meeting or drop us an email at … we are ready to listen and happy to have your help!

School Stuff

Can I have lunch with my student?

You’re welcome to join your student for lunch occasionally, just remember that space is limited. If you come for lunch, just sign in at the front desk, get a visitor badge, and wait for your student at the cafeteria doors. You can bring your own lunch or purchase one from the cafeteria if they have enough.

Does the school have a nurse? What if my student needs medicine at school?

The school doesn’t have a nurse, but does have a health clerk who will call you if your student needs to go home. The school is only allowed to give medication to your student if you bring it to the office with paperwork from your doctor (the office can give you blank forms).

How do Late Start days work?

The first Wednesday of each month (other than January) is a half-day of school, with a late start time. April’s late start falls on the 2nd Wednesday due to Spring Break. On late start days, the first bell rings at 11:25 and the tardy bell rings at 11:35. There are staff meetings at the school that begin early on late start days, and the PTO Hospitality committee coordinates breakfasts for staff to maximize what they can get done before students arrive. If you’d like to help with these breakfasts, contact The Soaring Hawks before- and after-school care program typically offers a “Late Start Movie” option for working parents at a minimal cost per student. Check the school website & weekly updates for details. If you have a half-day Kindergarten student, you’ll want to make a note of this: AM Kinder students will attend late start days from September through December; PM Kinder students will attend late start days from February through May.

Other Questions

Who should I contact with questions?

The PTO Board members and Committee Chairs are all eager and available to answer any questions you have about the school or the PTO (or help you find answers if we don’t know them!). If you prefer email, use their individual email addresses, or and we’ll connect you with the right person. You can also use this form:


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